Kazinczy 100 Hálaisten

Date: 21 - 22 June 2019
Organized for the 11th time.
Statistics of 2018: Number of competitors: 6 Number of finishers: 2

Route: Füzér – Tilalmas – Tolvaj-hegy – Szurok-hegy – Kéked – Telkibánya – Füzér – Bodó-rét – Szalánc vára – Izra-tó – Hársas-hegy – Vaskapu – Füzér

Departure: Füzér
Destination: Füzér
Time of departure: 21 June 2019, 6pm-9pm

Entry fee: 5000 HUF
Registration until 12 June 2019.

Length (km): 100,9 Elevation gain (m): 3940 Maximum time (hours): 25

Prize: certificate, badge, t-shirt.

Refreshments: beverage, cold meal, hot meal, fruit, sweets.

Services: luggage keeping, accomodation after the race, water available at departure, at destination, shower available at destination.

Pre-registration required. Transfer the registration fee to the bank account of Szent Jakab ZE (see Contact for details). Resting and accomodation non-stop possible in Füzér. Map: Zemplén mountain north, Szalánc mountain (Slanské vrchy) tourist map 117.